Currently we are recruiting Sales people for Tres Connect Inc in all 50 states for our new Paylo Merchant program for local business.  if you are comfortable working from home and out in the field then we want to talk to you. our program is such a big help to the local merchants it saves thousands of dollars. i need teams all over USA to help spread the word. commissions are high and we offer incentives for those who are really a go getter. click here or text me at 918-999-7086 if you are interested.

Local Business owners please take a moment to look at our Paylo Merchant services here.

The Future of
T Town Music, located in Dallas, Texas, recently
joined the PayLo Cash Discount Program in March
2017. With an average ticket size of $20 and a
service fee of $1.00 per transaction, the PayLo
program was the perfect solution to help them
lower their credit card processing fees.
After switching to PayLo, T Town Music was able
to eliminate their average interchange fees of
$162 and instead only had to pay a $99 monthly
program fee.
With this kind of savings, they are projected to
save $752 in the next year. By integrating the
PayLo program, T Town Music has not only decreased
their processing fees, but has consistently retained
credit card usage as well as customers. Monthly
card sales volume has steadily remained with an
average of $2,698 per month.
With the increase in reward programs, credit card
processing has become increasingly expensive
for merchants. Many are looking for solutions to
be able to keep accepting cards, but avoiding the
monthly processing bills.
An answer to this dilemma has been found in recently
formulated cash discount programs – which where
federally authorized in all 50 states in 2011.
Cash discount programs allow merchants to share
or pass on credit card fees to customers in the form
of a small per transaction service fee – typically a
flat fee that when averaged out at the end of the
month, more than covers the cost of interchange.

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