Paylo Appointment Setting Training

Welcome to the training module for setting up appointments. you are not a sales person. you are someone who is making a friendly welcome to the sales representatives all around USA.

We do want you to do the sales training module too so you understand what the sales people must do. you can answer a few questions but we prefer that you refer those questions to the sales person when they arrive. this is our main goal. when our representative comes in the door we want him to be received as the most welcomed person in the world. so our total focus is to get them to be excited about hearing the Paylo Person is there.

so lets talk about how we can accomplish this.

Hi my name is _________ , is the owner in?

if no; when would be the best time to call back to talk to them? (also get their name)

if yes;
thank you, (wait for them to come to the phone)
Hi ____________ hows your day? this is __________ I am with Paylo credit card services, I would like to know if it would be ok if i sent someone by your establishment to talk to you about our Paylo credit card system?

thats ok. i do appreciate your time. if you feel an interest please call us and we will be glad to help you out.

that will be great. our reps are in your area but they are out in the field so what would be best time for them to stop by and what days are good for you?

we want to make sure we also verify address and get best phone numbers. fill out as much as you can in your CRM.

ending the call;
well ____________ i really enjoyed talking to you i will send your information over to our representative this after noon when they arrive. you can give us a call at ____________ if anything changes otherwise we will see you there soon.

you will be adding certain rebuttals and so will we. this script is just a framework. you can embellish this script and make it fit your personality.


step one getting leads into the CRM;

At first we will have to load our own leads from yellow pages, so we open the CRM and click on ALL then Leads add new lead.

So here is what a lead screen looks like. we want this filled out as much as possible. obviously you can only get so much information from Yellow Pages. lets try to get as much as we can.

SO those who are entering the leads are wanting to get paid. so there will be a section down at the bottom i want us to put in handling notes. it will be in the MORE INFORMATION under Status Description. I want this part filled out as so.

what is blank needs to be blank as you create the lead. i gave three examples of lead creator, caller and who set the appointment. this makes sure you get paid.

we will be running an automated lead scraping program in the future.

so how to call our leads.

here you will see leads view.

click on the lead and edit it. scroll down to take ownership by assigning it to yourself.

now you can call it

fill in your notes as you are talking to your customer.

change the status of the lead to converted for a good lead, dead for no go.