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This is the official training module for TRES CONNECT INC on the Paylo system. I will need you to finish this module and let us know any and all questions you may have. you can always revisit this training at anytime.

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Day 1: Docs are submitted (verified and complete) to:
Same Day or Day2: TresCo verifies paperwork for completeness & sends to SignaPay.
Day 3: SignaPay & Lease Company perform their due diligence. This process includes:
verification of information, credit check, evaluation of risk – age/type of business,
processing statements, etc.
This process depending upon the above takes two or more days and can happen the
next day, it depends.
Day 5: Lease Company does a verification call with merchant going over the terms.
Day 6: SignaPay ships equipment and is received by merchant (depending on shipping
option chosen – next or 3 biz days)
Day 9: Merchant receives equipment, plugs into internet port and plays, does test
transaction and they are ready to go.
You have them sign and we send in their receipt form attached which triggers
commission paid to TresCo.
Day 11: Lease Company forwards funds to Tres Connect who ach’s next day into your
checking account.
The above is a representative example of a possible commission payment flow from
beginning to receiving your commission.

Lets look at the Paperwork involved.

Click here to review the SAMPLE edited Application. this will open in new window come back to this page after you read it in full.

click here to view or download the Complete set Merchant forms to sign

remember at anytime you can open the skype or click to chat at the upper right corner of this page.

Paylo equipment is always sent directly to your customer. I suggest you try and check in with your customer and help them get started. here is what is sent.

here is the how to and instruction on usage.

Paylo Signage for the window

How the receipts look to the customers

the Table tent

How to Read Your Statement

Merchant Statement
1. SignaPay Address
2. Your Statement Mailing Address
3. Processing Month- The date
your statement was produced
4. Merchant ID Number
5. Amount Deducted From
Account Amount do to your
processor this month.
6. Minimum Discount Fee
7. Plan Codes – Identifies the types of cards used. V-Visa, M-Mastercard, DS-Discover, P-Private Label,
L-Large Ticket, T-All Plans, 1-Plan One, 2-Plan Two, 3-Plan Three (identifies the terminal/software
network), A-Cash Advances, B-Business Card, D-Debit Card
8. Number of Sales – Total number of sales for this statement period
9. Amount of Sales – Total dollar amount of sales for this statement period
10. Number of Credits – Total number of credits for this statement period
11. Amount of Credits – Total dollar amount of credits for this statement period
12. Net Sales – Total dollar amount of sales and cash advances less total dollar amount of credits
13. Average Ticket – Total dollar amount of the average sales transaction
14. Disc % – Discount percentage rate assessed for transactions
15. Disc P/I – Discount charged per item for transactions
16. Discount Due- Discount due to processor. Calculated by either your net or gross sales
multiplied by the discount rates plus the discount item multiplied by the total number of sales.
Broken down into Deposits, Adjustments and Chargebacks

Transaction Detail
17. Day
18. Reference Number
19. Tran Code
20. Plan Code
21. Number of Sales- number of sales
in this batch
22. Amount of Sales- amount of sales
in this batch
23. Amount of Credits- total dollar
amount for this batch
24. Disc Paid- total discount
previously paid to processor
25. Settle- Total dollar amount of
sales and cash advances less
amount of total credits and paid

26. Deposit Totals
27. Number- Total number of items billed
28. Amount- Total dollar amount used to
calculate the amount billed
29. Description- Description of item billed
30. Total
31. Total Fees Due
32. Total discount and total fees due
33. Statement Message- Updates and reminders
34. Plan Codes – Identifies the types of cards

The Sales Approach & Building a Presentation Book
Everyone likes a neat presentation. Successful salespeople read their environment and with whom they are presenting and adjust their presentation accordingly. The bottom line of this Program is that we $AVE business owners’ lots of money! So that is how we should gear our presentation.
Business owners don’t have a lot of time to give you and if they do they don’t want to until…
Business owners want you to get to, “How does this benefit me” quickly.
Business owners are deluged with sales people in person or over the phone trying to sell merchant credit card processing. So don’t be one of them!
The Sales Process
A sale is made in one of three ways. Excite the Merchant, disturb the Merchant and appeal to them financially. Excite them about the thousands they are saving. Disturb them about all of the money they through away (more on this later) and appeal to their profitability increase.
I quote a great sales guru Zig Ziglar who said… “A Merchant can want your product, need your product and afford your product, but doesn’t buy from you, why? A person is not inspired by the height of your logic, but by the depth of your conviction.” Saying it differently, emotion sells, information/teaching does not! So when you start informing the Merchant of all of the great aspects of the program and services they receive… they fall asleep, get a drink, get a gun to shoot themselves, commit Hari Kari… but they do not buy!!! Yes, should you inform the Merchant. Sell consultatively but know their threshold of information digestion.
So how do we use Paylo features to increase sales? I thought you would never ask! You use them strategically. You use them relevant to a Merchant’s needs and wants and to calm their fears (business is tough) and excite them about possibilities. I know that sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t. In fact, some of you do this instinctively, whether you know it or not. A good salesperson uses the tools they have (listen to the Merchant), to play the sale like a fine pianist does with a piano. I am not saying you are attempting to manipulate the Merchant to do something that is not in their best interest. The Paylo Program was designed to help merchants – make a difference in their lives and it is your goal – your mission if you will, to listen and understand who your Merchant is and what they are about.
Getting the Merchant to talk. By listening to your Merchant and understanding their pain – concerns – fears, etc., you will be informed as to how to use the Paylo Program to your mutual advantage and make the sale… a WIN – WIN. Listening to your Merchant requires them to speak. Speak about their concerns, fears, issues, etc. So now it gets down to… How do we get them to share about their business… to SPEAK?
The way we get a Merchant to speak is by asking them questions. I am sure this comes as no surprise to you. The trick is in asking them the RIGHT question(s)… one(s) that give you the right kind of information that then leads to you developing a rapport and them disclosing more about themselves. We call these questions SEGWAYS as they bridge you from one direction in a conversation to another.
Note: Building rapport is essential in the sales process. It is through the building of rapport that trust is built. Too often the sales rep tries to get through the sales process as quickly as possible. They rush the process and don’t think that the Merchant doesn’t feel this. they do. I know I said the business owner doesn’t give us a lot of time to make our point. There is a difference. THEY DO NOT GIVE US A LOT OF TIME TO GRAB THEIR ATTENTION HOWEVER ONCE YOU HAVE THEIR ATTENTION THE REST IS WHAT IS BEING OFFERED AS AN APPROACH IS CORRECT. So… Why rush the process? To get to the next sale? Or the next NO! Would you do business with someone who sounded cold, like they just wanted to make a sale and rushed you through the presentation in an unfriendly, non-consultative fashion? Just think how you would approach a conversation with a friend where you wanted help with something. You would be warm and friendly and inviting in a pleasant conversational tone. There is no next sale; there is only the sale you have before you now. Spend the extra five minutes to lock the sale down and get MORE REFERRALS! Love the one you’re with!
So how do we grab their attention when we walk thru the door?
Read your Merchant. Scenario 1 … The Merchant is Negative or Cold from the start.
If they have an attitude and look like they would rather see the dentist than you, than you have to get right to the point and grab their attention. You have to appeal to their emotion to move them from negative or neutral to emotional where the sale is made.
Conversationally here is what you could say and it varies. No one approach is the right approach. The right approach is the one that gets the sale!

Hi. Is Mr. Dweller her, I have an appointment or if this is not the case, and you do not have an appointment but pop in as a cold call, either way you say. “I see you take credit cards and you get a response or nod your head as you are saying this. The reason I’m here is that we’ve been providing a patented technology to business owners like you that ELIMIATES 100% of your credit card fees – yes 100% of those fees and the statements you get that no one can read. We save businesses like your thousands to tens of thousands of dollars a year. As you are saying this you pull out a retail partner or testimonial to point to and use this aa a sales crutch as you are speaking. The owner then says, can you leave me some info? You say, “I could but it doesn’t impact what we do for you and show you how or saving you thousands goes right to your bottom.” He says, yes or of course who doesn’t want to save money. You say, “Exactly, and I’m the best walking talking brochure there is so let’s take a few minutes and I will show you how we do it., make sense?
The next thing you do is show him an example from a testimonial and then start him/her talking about their business and gathering info. You are building rapport thru the sales process.

DO YOU KNOW???? What does the savings generated by Paylo really mean?

So you save a business owner $12k a year. Let us look at what it took him to earn that net profits/savings that goes right to his bottom line.

The business owner has expenses of; utilities, workman’s comp, employee taxes and benefits, cost of goods, salaries, theft, breakage/spoilage, city/state taxes, inventory, janitorial, repairs and more! This all comes out of their bottom line!
So let’s say that he marks his product up by 110%. He buys for example at $1.00 and sells for $2.10. After he pays all of the above he is left with 10% net profits. So he sells on a monthly basis $50,000 a month or $600k a year. After the expanses are taken out, all of them, he has a net profit of $60,000. Now with the Paylo Program we saved him $12,000. This goes right to his bottom line of net profitability. It took him $600k in gross sales to net $60k. It would take him $120k in sales to net what we saved him $12k. So he is enjoying these added funds without having to tie up his funds in inventory and all the other expenses to create that $12k. This is HUGE! We have given him two months of profitability for FREE – basically.

Scenario 2 … High energy opener to business owner.
Hi Mr. Jones, the reason I set this appointment is because I would strongly guess that you hate paying for credit card processing? I’ll keep this short and sweet to get you back to work. We a have a patented technology that virtually eliminates 100% of the cost of taking credit card processing. We save business owners 1000’s to tens of thousands that goes right to their net bottom line. Sound good?
Step One – Building Rapport
Start with (to get him talking), how much do you process in credit cards monthly? He will give you a number. Say it’s $50,000. You say you spend about $1500 a month in fees or about $18,000 a year. How would you like to eliminate almost all of it and we can do that?
He asks, how?
We hold the patent and technology to simply offset your merchant processing fees in the form of a small convenience fee to your customer. Just like gas stations, Ticketmaster, atm’s, utilities and we base this on your average ticket size. What’s collected through our Paylo Program will pay your credit card fees. It’s seamless, transparent and easy to set up.
Step Two – Discovery & Close
What I would like to do is gather some info on your business and give you an idea of what you will save with our program. Make sense?
Start with (to get him talking), how much do you process in credit cards monthly? He will give
you a number. Say it’s $50,000. You say you spend about $1500 a month in fees or about
$18,000 a year. How would you like to eliminate almost all of it and we can do that? Can you
pull out your last three months’ statements and let’s get an exacting idea of your costs and
your average ticket I mentioned before and look down at
something which dismisses him to do as you just asked!
Unless something is totally off with his statements the deal is closed. Start going over what
you charge, $99,95 for 48 months saving you from your statements here $1400 a month, isn’t
that great! CLOSE! I need to get some info to see if you qualify and start filling out paperwork.
After you fill out and complete the paperwork, you can go over the stickers.

Here is what my Presentation Book carries:

Four color testimonial page (1 or more) Great piece to sell off of.
Four color retail flier. (1 or more) Great piece to sell off of for specific businesses visiting.
Legal docs for State and Federal
SignaPay Docs
Azura Leasing doc
Underwriting Guidelines
Pricing Chart
Sample SignaPay app – so you have a guideline

here are testimonials from our customers.

you can download and print here or in the group docs.

signapay_paylo_case_study_alice_burger signapay_paylo_case_study_house_bar_partner signapay_paylo_case_study_t_town_music_partner signapay_paylo_statement_no_ancillary_fees_sample signapay_paylo_testimonials_partner

it pays to print these out and hand out to potential customers.

here are the gods you been waiting for……………………………………………………

We promote to managers from within. Managers must have been sales people prior. here are the commissions for managers.

Now its time to do your paperwork. i need you to fill out the 1099 forms, the  non compete and the bank direct form. you can fill these out and email me at

Tres Connect ISC Agreement Feb 2018 u


you can call 918-999-7086 or text, use the skype above or the chat to the upper right to go on to the next step.